Using Prilipen’s Chart

Percent Reps/sets Optimal Total range
55–65 3–6 24 18–30
70–80 3–6 18 12–24
80–90 2–4 15 10–20
90+ 1–2 4 10

Prilipen’s chart has been an integral part to many successful strength training programs over the years.  Essentially, this chart can be used to determine how many sets and reps should be completed at a given intensity level (percentage of your 1 rep max) for maximum effectiveness.

Many training programs address the body parts to be trained or the lifts to done but leave the reader wondering, “How many sets and reps do I do?  How much weight should I be using?”  No program should be considered complete until you’ve answered these two questions.  Otherwise you’re just winging it and shouldn’t expect to get the results that you’re looking for.

Prilipen’s chart has been crucial in providing guidance in an area where the typical training routine looks more like a list of body parts than a cohesive program to achieve your goals.  Many programs assume that the trainee knows how much weight to use and/or how sets and reps to do.  When you consider that the people asking these questions and searching the internet for help are typically the untrained and inexperienced it becomes clear that this assumption is flawed. 

Below are two articles that demonstrate how to effectively utilize Prilipen’s chart for your own needs, be it pure strength or hypertrophy:

Get reading and good luck!

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