Jiu Jitsu Kimonos for the Tall & Skinny

At 6’4” and 215lb I have a real hard time finding kimonos that fit me correctly.  If they’re the right size in the body, the arms and legs are 4 inches too short.  When the arms are the right length the rest of the kimono fits like a moomoo.

This list is intended at a resource to help you find companies that made kimonos that will (hopefully) fit you better.

The methods that I’ve used are straightforward.  Using Aesopian’s gi survey (http://bjjgear.aesopian.com/168/the-best-bjj-gis/) as a starting point.  I looked at each company website and their sizing charts to determine if they offer kimonos to accommodate those of us that a more lanky than the average person.

I am not including reviews for any gis (other than Aesopian’s excellent survey) because I haven’t used the vast majority of the gis.  I am also only including brands that specifically include sizing for the tall and skinny guy.  There are several brands out there that are cut to be more suitable for someone with a slim build but without actually trying a gi on I wouldn’t be able to give good information.

Brands With Long Sizes:

  1. Origin – http://www.originbjj.com/sizing-chart
  2. Shoyoroll – http://www.gi-kimono.com/shoyoroll-sizing-size-chart
  3. Redstar – http://redstarbjj.com/redstar-size-chart.html
  4. Pirahna Gear – http://www.piranhagear.com/featured-products/jiu-jitsu-cut-single-weave-uniform-white-tall.html  (not on Aesopian’s survey)

For reference I do own a Redstar Stamp gi in A3L and it fits perfectly.

10 Comments on “Jiu Jitsu Kimonos for the Tall & Skinny

    • I only looked at the Mantis and didn’t realize that the competion had so many more size options, thanks!

      Probably going to do another update with a few more brands. Zombie also makes some kimonos for us skinny guys

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  2. Hey Matt,

    It’s Matt here from Sydney.

    I’m a little bigger than you at 6’8 (202cm) and around 235 pounds.

    Do you think the Redstar STAMP in an A3L would fit me?

    Thanks heaps!


  3. By the way – my wingspan is a little shorter than yours, at around 203cm or 79 inches.



  4. Matt – I think that it probably would. The pants will be a little short though. I’d email Egor @ Redstar and get his opinion. Mine is still my best fitting gi I’ve ever worn. I think a lot of people may see 235lb and think that you’re stocky but at 6’8″ that’s not the case.

  5. Thanks for the quick reply!

    Yeah people think 235lb and think wow, giant. But as you say I am just not that stocky.

    I’ve emailed Egor a couple of times and he has been really helpful, but I thought I would ask you given that we are *similar* builds.

    Would you mind measuring the outseam of your A3L pants for me? And also the jacket wingspan length (from tip to tip)? That would help heaps.

    Thanks so much!


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