Jiu Jitsu Kimono for the Tall and Skinny part II

A few weeks posted about some options for the the tall and skinny BJJ practioner:

Over the last few weeks I’ve found a few more companies that cater to us lean guys and thought I’d share what I have.  Once again, I’ve not worn any of these gi’s (but I’d be happy to accept one and post a review :)).  This following list should give you a few more options when looking for a gi that fits.

  1. Fushida – http://shop.fushida.ca/
    Highly ranked by Aesopian’s survey these seem like a great option
  2. Zombie Kimonos – http://www.zombiekimonos.com/Size-Chart_ep_41.html
    Newer company that has some very cool looking gis
  3. Shoyoroll – http://shoyoroll.com/  size chart – http://www.budovideos.com/shop/customer/product.php?productid=32824&cat=781&page=1
    A friend has a few of these and he loves his.
  4. MKimono – http://www.mkimonos.com/sizinginfo.html
    Technically not specially made for tall and skinny guys but everything on their site talks about them being made specifically for guys with that build.  The sizing chart seems to support that.
  5. Origin – http://www.originbjj.com/sizing-chart

Thanks to everyone for reading this and helping with the list

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