Mind Mapping Roy Dean’s BJJ Blue Belt Requirements DVD 1

Mind mapping works.  It’s as simple as that.  When I was in school the best way for me to learn a treatment algorithm was to make a flowchart of that treatment pathway.  These charts were graphic representations of all the different ways to treat someone for a given condition and took into account anything that would affect the end point.  By following the arrows and bubbles anyone could come to the correct treatment based on the path that they took.  By the end of the semester several of my friends were also using them extensively.

Having everything laid out in front of you in an illustration gives you a great resource for remembering and organizing your thoughts.  It is also helpful in making sure that your progression of ideas/tasks/techniques is logical.  The added benefit for me as the person that is creating the mind map is that I am forced to look at things with a greater level of detail and to organize the information in a way that makes sense.  For you, all that tedious and boring work is done J

As I begun to train BJJ I’ve realized a few things. 

  • There are about a million different techniques and variations on those techniques. 
  • Subtle changes in your own position or the position of your opponent can necessitate changing what technique you’re currently doing.
  • Having a plan and logical progression for what you’re trying to accomplish on the mat is good.

So in a nutshell BJJ is a highly complex martial art, with a plethora of techniques and to be successful a plan is highly recommended.  This is where the mind map really shines.  By giving you another way to see that information you’re more likely to remember it when you need to.  It can also be used to develop your own game plan for grappling.

For my first mindmap I’ve watched Roy Dean’s excellent instructional: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt Requirements, which can be purchased here: http://www.budovideos.com/shop/customer/product.php?productid=26983&cat=&page=1 .  If you’re not familiar with the instructional check out this review: http://www.slideyfoot.com/2008/06/dvd-review-blue-belt-requirements-roy.html

Roy Dean Blue Belt DVD mindmap

4 Comments on “Mind Mapping Roy Dean’s BJJ Blue Belt Requirements DVD 1

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  2. Thanks Matt, I learn in a similar way to what you mentioned. Do you have the native version of this mind map which I can then build on? It would be very appreciated.

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