Mind Map for Stephan Kestings: Roadmap for BJJ

I’ve spent the last week or so watching the Roadmap for BJJ series by Stephan Kesting.  Unfortunately this series is not currently available but for those of you with the series I’ve created a series of mind maps to use as a resource. 
Even if you haven’t seen the videos these mind maps can still be helpful in giving a nice bird’s eye view of the basic positions of BJJ.

Stephan has been kind enough to review these for me as well and if you get a chance please check out his websites:

And for those interesting this a review of the series:

 And here are the mind maps:
Roadmap for BJJ – Guard
Roadmap for BJJ – halfguard
Roadmap for BJJ – Turtle
Roadmap for BJJ – Side Mount
Roadmap for BJJ – Knee Mount
Roadmap for BJJ – Mount
Roadmap for BJJ – Rear Mount

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