Mind Map: Ryan Hall’s The Triangle DVD 1

I’ll keep the intro short and sweet.  I haven’t finished Saulo’s JJ Revolution set yet…but I will (hopefully next week).

At the suggestion of my coach and several of the more experienced guys at my BJJ School I’ve decided to focus on setting up and finishing opponents from the triangle.  I have long ass legs and according to everyone else I’m built for this position/submission.

It didn’t take much research to come across Ryan Hall’s DVD series on the Triangle and to realize that it has gotten universally good reviews.  So I took the plunge and am really enjoying DVD.

About Ryan Hall:

Reviews for the Triangle DVD Series:

Where to Buy It:

Mind map for DVD 1 of Ryan Hall’s The Triangle
Ryan Hall – Triangle DVD 1 PDF File

BTW, If a different format would be better please let me know and I’ll see what else I can do.

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