Cutting Weight for Tomorrow…

Nothing much else to say.  I’m 9lbs over the limit for middleweight right now.  Cut’s been going pretty well considering I haven’t been that strict.  I was at 210lb Saturday night and am 199lbs right this minute.  I all goes very well I’ll be at 189.9lb for weigh-in’s tonight.  Otherwise, I’ll be doing the under 200lb division.

4 Comments on “Cutting Weight for Tomorrow…

    • yes to all three; I was on a work trip last week which screwed things up. When I weighed myself Saturday night I was 208lb. This morning I was 199lb and weigh-ins were at 6pm and I made 188.5lb. The max for my weight class is 189lb.
      We’ll just say that 3 hours in the sauna was not any fun at all, but I made it with a lot of help from my teammates and will probably be close to 200lb tomorrow for my first match.

    • Really fun no-gi match. I lost but we were both aggressive and always busy. I got a participation medal since there were just two of us in my division.
      Gi match was annoying. I pulled guard and the guy got two points and proceeded to stall for the rest of the match. Never went for a sub or a new position just flattened me out. Lost 0-2.
      Good time and the weight cut didn’t affect my cardio, can’t wait for the next one.

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