Redstar Stamp Gi Review: 120 days later

Redstar is a Canadian based company that currently produces 3 styles of kimono: the Stamp, the Competition Light and the Clean.  The kimonos range in price from $100 to $170 (which includes shipping) and are available in both traditional and tall sizes (their size chart).  They’ll be expanding their line-up this summer to include fight gear and rashguards.

Specs for the Stamp:

  • 100% Preshrunk
  • 450g Pearl Weave Jacket
  • Slim fit, longer sleeves
  • `12oz cotton pants
  • Thick and stiff collar


In the last 4 months I’ve worn and washed my kimono 30+ times.  Each training session includes 30+ minutes of rolling and about that much drilling.  The pictures below were taken today.  The stitching has held up very well and there are no loose threads anywhere on the kimono.  The color of the threads is also the same today as I was the day I got the kimono, no bleeding or fading.  The kimono is a little dingy but I attribute that to the floors at the gym and my general incompetence at doing laundry.


The Stamp fit great right out of the package and 3 months later is still fits great.  I wash it in cold after every class and let it hang dry.  I haven’t noticed any shrinkage at all.  Several of the guys that I train with including my instructor have commented on how much they like the way it fits.

Final Thoughts:

Redstar kimonos really shine for the taller and leaner BJJer.  The Stamp shows virtually no wear after 4 months of heavy use and I would recommend it to anyone with a similar build without reservation.  Igor posts sales on Facebook a few times a year so do yourself a favor and check them out.

2 Comments on “Redstar Stamp Gi Review: 120 days later

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