Mapping Rener Gracie’s Backmount Seminar

One of the neat things about this blog is that it has opened the door for me to have contact with some really cool people.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have correspondence with Stephan Kesting, Aesopian, Slidey and a few others because of the content that I put out here.  Just a few days ago another blogger, Georgette, saw my blog and after some emails asked if I’d work on something for her.  Below you’ll find the map that I put together using her notes from a Rener Gracie seminar that she went to last year.
This was an interesting side project and hopefully will lead to more custom maps for other bloggers/instructors.  I hope you all enjoy it.
Also, want everyone to know that I have another map of JJ Mag coming soon and a review of a new gi company, Ezekial Kimonos, in the works.
Rener Gracie Seminar 102111

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