Review: Ezekiel Kimono’s Jiu Jitsu Model Gi

I came across a post on Sherdog from a forum member who had decided to start his own gi company.  After reading thru the thread, checking out the specs and emailing Carter a few times I decided to take the plunge and purchase one of his kimonos.  I ordered the Jiu Jitsu Model (found here) on a Thursday night and it was at my house on Monday.  I’ve had the gi for about a week and used it 3 times so far.  The first time was straight out of the package and twice after washing.

Per Manufacturer:

  • Competition cut
  • 550gm pearl weave jacket
  • One piece construction
  • Foam insert in collar
  • Cotton pants with 4 belt loops and rope drawstring

About the Gi:

We make our gis with competitors in mind. Lighter weaves are good for weigh-in purposes, but can cause difficulties when trying to break an opponent’s grip during a match. After many discussions with competitors, we used 550 GSM (fabric weight) pearl weave for the jacket, which is made from one piece of material with no back seam for comfort. The Lapel has EVA foam inserts to prevent gi chokes.
Pants are made from strong 12 oz drilled cotton with triple stitching all around for maximum durability. We’ve added a rope drawstring and four belt loops for comfort. The gi cut allows for maximum mobility for guard players.
The Chinese characters on the pant and the chest mean “Jiu Jitsu”. On the back of the skirt, we added a long patch with our logo and “Sode Guruma Jime” which means “sleeve wheel choke” in Japanese. If you have any questions concerning sizing, please check our size/dimension chart or e-mail us at
***Ezekiel Kimono products are available from this site only. Our products are not sold through distributors***
Their Size Chart is HERE

First Impression:

  1. The pants are sturdy, have good length and use a cord
  2. Embroidery looks great and the stitching throughout is of excellent quality
  3. Overall, a really nice looking gi

I was a little worried about the fit when I first got the kimono.  Right out of the bag the top was loose and the sleeves were baggy.  After class that night I put the gi into the washer and washed it on cold and then dried the top (pants were dried on a hanger) for 15 minutes on high heat.  After 15 minutes in the dryer the top fit very well.  I’ll have a follow-up post in a few months to further access shrinkage over time.


Kimono Top Out of Package 15 min in Dryer Pants Out of Package Hang Dry
A – Cuff width 7.75″ 7.25″ A – Waist 24.5″ 24.25″
B – Sleeve Length 26.75″ 25.5″ B- Length 43.5″ 42.0″
C – Chest Width 23.5″ 21.5″ C- Cuff Width 10.75″ 10.5″
D – Skirt Width 25.25″ 22.75″ D- Inseam 33″ 32.5″

Test Drive (after washing):

The fit of the top is better than any other gi that I’ve worn that wasn’t specifically made for someone that is my build and sleeves were long enough to be used for chokes.  The only down side that I noticed is that pants started to stick a little on my knees towards the end of practice.


  1. Excellent service
  2. Great looking gi
  3. Stitching is of high quality


  1. I’m a little leery of a gi that’s not pre-shrunk
  2. Pants are a little cumbersome when they’re soaked with sweat.  I would really like the option to get ripstop pants next time.

Final Impression:

Right out of the bag the gi is a little on the big size for someone with my build (6’4” and ~200lb).  However, after shrinking the top in the dryer it fit much better and will definitely be in heavy rotation with my Redstar Stamp.  The kimono is $129.00 and that’s a fair price for a high quality kimono I also feel that there’s something to be said for great service and for supporting a small company, especially in a sport like ours.
You can find Ezekiel Kimonos here and on Facebook.

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