Review & Map for Pablo Popovitch’s NoGi Guard Secrets Series

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Product Details:
Purchase here for $99.00 (note:I’ve seen it for as much $150 at other sites): 

  • DVD 1 – 1:04:07: Half-guard, Deep Half-Guard and 50/50
  • DVD 2 –  0:50:05: Reverse Half-Guard
  • DVD 3 – 0:51:36:  Escapes
  • DVD 4 – Bonus Features: Arm drags, Drills, Mental Secrets, Strength & Conditioning, Checking Out, Credits and Trailer

            Techniques are taught in a sequential and logical manner.  Each position is shown several times and from multiple angles when needed.  Pablo’s explanations are clear, to the point and easily understood.   After the initial technique is presented he goes into details on what your reaction should be based on what your opponent does.  The format reminds me quite a bit of Ryan Hall’s instructionals.

            This is a tough one for me to quantify.  For one thing I’m a white belt with a bit less than a year on the mats.  The other problem is the variability found within each rank.  All white, blue, purple, brown and black belts are not created equally.   I attend 6 classes a week (3 gi and 3 nogi), any open mat that I can, and have a great support structure with my instructor and colored belts.  That being said I have been able to apply some of the concepts and details to both my gi and nogi game.
            If you are completely new to BJJ (less than 6 months of regular classes) this probably isn’t the ideal set for you but for everyone else I think that there’s a lot to learn and the presentation is top notch.

The PDFs:
Pablo Popovitch NoGi Guard Secrets DVD 1
Pablo Popovitch NoGi Guard Secrets DVD 2
Pablo Popovitch NoGi Guard Secrets DVD 3 & 4

The Maps:

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