Review: Newaza Nation Kimono A4

Before getting to the review I wanted to thank everyone for following along.  This blog started out as something that I wanted to do for myself and has grown by leaps and bounds of the last few months.  The support that you’ve given me has also opened a few doors and to give me the opportunity to collaborate with a lot of great people.  To thank you I’ll be giving away a copy of Jiu Jitsu University and The Grappler’s Manifesto soon.  Stay tuned for more details.  To the review…

This review represents a milestone for Mapping My BJJ Journey.  This is the first piece of gear that I’ve reviewed that I didn’t either pay for or win a contest to get.  That being said I’ve had my eye on Newaza nation for the past few months and was really excited when Dustin sent a gi for me to review.  For most Newaza Nation is a new name in the ever expanding gi market.  They’re a small company in the Pacific Northwest who are focusing all of their efforts on a single gi.

Per Manufacturer:
What is NEWAZA?  NEWAZA (ne-waza, nay-wah-zuh) is the Japanese term used to describe groundwork techniques.  We are passionate about all types of grappling!NEWAZA NATION:  Our purpose is to connect grapplers with the ultimate grappling gi, and to use this as an opportunity to generate some $$ for a non-profit organization serving our returning service members.
We have chosen to focus all our efforts on doing ONE GI!  Our philosopy is to have the gi that WE demand.  Working closely with one of the best gi manufacturers in the world, we have designed a gi that is on a whole different level.  We are truly passionate about it!  Plus, we get to donate a portion of our sales to an non-profit organization that helps combat veteran unemployment, and that’s the coolest part!
The kimono is made of specially produced 550 gram per square meter, medium weight 100% gold weave cotton with a traditional fabric lapel.  Quality is apparent in every stitch of these kimonos.  After the wear in period, they really develop a great fit, like an old ball glove.
The gi bottoms are equally awesome, with either 3 or 4 loops to keep the drawstring from riding up.  Double thick in front from the knees down, and with a generous gusset to maximize hip flexibility.  They shrink down just right, additional tailoring is usually not required.

Stay tuned, and hit us up on Facebook!
-Dustin Brimhall, Owner

Frequently Asked Questions about Newaza Nation:

Q:  I want to buy a gi, but not on Ebay.  What should I do?
A:  Contact us at and we will send you a Paypal invoice.  Once you pay it, your gi ships.  It’s that easy!

Q:  How much is shipping?
A:  $15 in the USA, $30 Canada and Mexico, $48 elsewhere.

Q:  Is the kimono single or double weave?
A:  The material the kimono is made of is on the robust size for what most refer to as single weave.  Its proper name is Single Gold Weave.  It’s more expensive than regular single weave, doesn’t sacrifice comfort and looks extremely slick.

Q:  What type of fabric are the pants made of?
A:  The pants are made from a high grade 100% cotton twill.  They are double thick in front from the knees down, and have a generous gusset.  3 or 4 loops for the drawstring.

Q:  How much for international shipping?
A:  $30 Canada and Mexico, $48 everywhere else.  Sorry, we do not pay return shipping on International orders.

Q:  Wholesale Quantities?
A:  In order to offer our customers the best service possible, wholesale discounts are not offered at this time.

Q:  Can I order different sized pants and kimono?
A:  Yes, really be sure about it though, and remind us with an email once you are finished with payment.

Q:  Where are the gis made?
A:  They are made in the world capital of martial arts manufacturing; Sialkot, Pakistan.  Our supplier has been producing premium gis for over 30 years!  The quality of our gi rivals anything you will find.

First Impression:
1.  Stitching looks good and no loose threads.
2.  Very simple design.  One small patch on the skirt and another on the top of the pants.
3.  The sleeves are fitted.

Right out of the bag the body was a little loose, the pants fit well and the sleeves had an extra inch or so but the diameter was perfect.  I rolled that night in the kimono and didn’t notice any excessive bagginess of the top.
The next morning I washed the top and bottom on cold and hung the pants up to dry while I put the top into the dryer for 15 minute intervals to shrink it to fit.  30 minutes later the jacket fit much more snugly.

Kimono Top

Out of Package

30 min in Dryer


Out of Package

Hang Dry

A- Cuff Width 7″ 6.75″ A – Waist 23.5″ 22.5″
B – Sleeve Length 25″ 24.75″ B – Length 40.5″ 40.25″
C – Chest Width 25.5″ 24.5″ C- Cuff Width 10.75″ 10.5″
D- Skirt Width 26.5″ 25.75″ D – Inseam 30.75″ 30.75″

Their Size Chart:

Test Drive (after washing):
Right out of the package the kimono fits me better than most traditional A4s, especially in the sleeves.  The fit improved after washing and drying for 30 minutes.  While the chest didn’t shrink as much as other A4s the fact that the sleeves fit so well made the kimono perform better and feel more custom fitted.  The pants could be a few inches longer and like all canvas pants they tend to stick once they’re soaked with sweat.


  1. Customize your sizes.  Half-sizes available, mix & match top and pants
  2. The sleeve diameter is perfect.  No excess material to grab onto
  3. Stitching and construction is top notch.
  4. Superior customer service
  5. Supports Hire Heroes (


  1. Limited to one style/color which isn’t IBJJF legal
  2. I’d like the option to get ripstop pants
  3. A4 pants are a little on the short side

Final Impression:
            You’re not going to find many gold weave kimonos with the sizing options and quality of construction for $110.  The gi is well put together, fits nicely and supports a great cause.  The potential downside is the aesthetics of the gi.  Not everyone will like the color and simplicity but for those that do this a great option.  For more information check them out on their homepage, Facebook and at Ebay.

Dont’ forget to check us out on Facebook.

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