Mindmap/Flowchart for BJJ Legends Q1 2012 Issue

I was recently sent a few issues of BJJ Legends by their editor so that I could breakdown/map the techniques presented in the publication.  For those not familiar with it BJJ Legends is a quarterly magazine (available online and at Barnes & Noble) that is unique because each issue comes bundled with an instructional DVD.  These DVDs offer additional instruction on the techniques covered within the pages of the magazine as well as additional content such as interviews and workouts.  The issues are also available for download to smartphone and IPad (included if you purchase a hardcopy of the magazine).

The issue that I’ve mapped out can be found here.  The instructional DVD contained techniques from:  Xande & Saulo Ribiero, Braulio Estima, the Mendes brothers, Hillary Williams and Danny Ives.  The segments by the Xande, Saulo and Braulio were especially good.

The PDF:
BJJ Legends Q1 2012

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