Review of Submission FC Light Gi A4

About Submission FC:

Submission, it’s our ultimate goal in any fight. Sure a knockout feels good but a Submission makes the other guy quit, and trust me there is no better feeling than making your opponent quit while being fully conscious. We train countless hours a week and when it’s our time to go into any fight we have one goal in mind, Submission. It’s the name of our brand. It’s that moment where all your hard work comes into play, the moment your opponent lifts his hand and taps out, It is this moment that you suddenly get a rush of bliss throughout your body and mind. Live for this moment – Submission! 

Submission Fight Co. is based out of Northridge California and was founded in January 2010. With our constant evolution and creation of innovative ideas we have established a fast growing BJJ & MMA brand. All of our Jiu Jitsu Gis are often tested for years before we introduce them to the public, assuring the Submission Gis are of high quality. Our goal is to create innovative products to help you achieve your ultimate goal in any fight, Submission, and make you look good while doing so!

We love to hear from our customers. Do you have any suggestions or comments about our products or service? Feel free to Contact Us

Gi Specs:

  • Pearl Weave Top
  • White With Black Contrast Stitching
  • 100% Rip Stop Pants
  • Rip Stop Collar & Lapel
  • New Logo and Patch Designs
  • Heavily Reinforced Stress Points
  • Rope Draw Strings
  • Awesome Fit

First Impression:

  • Very light
  • Fits good out of the bag
  • Good looking gi


          Initial fit out of the bag was very good.  The pants were just right.  Sleeves were the right length and they’re not too baggy.  I’m just over 6’4” and 195lb in this picture.




Kimono Top

Out of Package

Hang Dry


Out of Package

Hang Dry

A- Sleeve Length



A – Waist



B – Cuff Width



B – Cuff Width



C – Chest Width



C- Inseam



D- Skirt Width



D – Length



 One thing that I did notice after washing is that the stitching in the left armpit was a little sloppy.  Completely unnoticeable while wearing it and I doubt it will effect the durability of the gi but it is something I’ll be paying attention to over the next 90 days for my follow-up review.


Test Drive:

          Fit was very good.  I’ve drilled in the gi and few times about spent about an hour rollling with it so far as well.  I have a personal preference towards light gis and this gi is the lightest that I’ve worn so far.  The ripstop pants are great and an unexpected benefiti of the ripstop collar is that grip breaking seemed a little easier than usual.

          Because of the size I did not dry this one at all and unfortunately there was still some shrinkage.  For the top it didn’t make much of a difference, unfortunately the pants lost a lot of length.  For most this probably isn’t an issue but at my height I need all the length I can get on the pants.


  • Great price, just under a $100 here
  • Light and comfortable
  • Excellent service
  • Good looking gi and fits the slimmer athlete


  • Sloppy stiching in the armpit
  • Pants shrunk quite a bit with hang dry
  • A few extra loops for the drawstring would be nice

Final Thoughts:

          This is an excellent gi for anyone on a budget.  The features, look and comfort compare well to gis that are much more expensive and who wouldn’t rather but their cash into training?  For me personally, I appreciate that Shakib sent this to me for a review and I’ll be wearing it whenever possible and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this gi to my training partners.

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