90 Days Later: Spun Compression Shirt

90 days ago I was fortunate enough to get a long-sleeve Spun Performance compression shirt.  My initial review can be found here.   After wearing it a few times I liked it enough to buy another one, this time in short-sleeves since its summer and I knew that I’d get more wear out of the short-sleeve shirt.  I’ll be using the short-sleeve for the follow-up post (the two are identical in construction and materials with the only difference being the sleeve length).

I’ve been wearing the shirt at least twice a week for the last 13 weeks.  Each training session is typically about 30 minutes of drilling following by 30 minutes hard rolling.  I wash it after each use on cold with my other clothes and I do put it in the dryer (something I don’t do for my other rashguard because they kept falling apart).  I use it during nogi mostly, but have also used it as an undershirt during gi practice.
The stitching at the armpit vents has held up very well and looks like it did when I bought the shirt initially.  The only wear I noticed is that the graphics have deteriorated a little and there is a thread at the bottom is visible, it looks like the end of the thread that was used to stitch the bottom together.  The bottom band and seam is still in perfect condition.  Below are some pictures from yesterday.

There has been no noticeable change in compression.  As I said earlier I really like compression gear and feel that it helps with warm-ups and recovery.  The shirt doesn’t ride up while rolling and the sleeves fit my long arms very well.

Final Thoughts:
Spun has created a high-quality compression shirt at a reasonable price.  The short-sleeve shirt is cooler than the long-sleeve one (obviously) and is comfortable to wear under a gi in all but the hottest weather.    The durability far exceeds what I’ve experienced with other brands of rashguard and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a compression shirt or rashguard.
Spun’s gear can be found here and includes men’s and women’s products such as:  compression shirts, socks, shorts, leggings, and board shorts.

Now if we can just get Greg to make them in BJJ ranks….

4 Comments on “90 Days Later: Spun Compression Shirt

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    • I got a large. When I bought it I was 210lb at 6’4″ and now I’m closer to 195-200lb. Still fits really well. I think a Large would work well.

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