De La Riva Blue Belt Requirements

A few months ago I was contacted by gym owner, Noah at Summit City Submissions, to help him organize the curriculum that he teaches his students.  Noah is a purple belt under Marcello Monteiro (DLR black belt).  Below is the end result of that project.  The techniques listed are the basic requirements for a student of the De La Riva lineage to get their blue belt.  It is broken down by stripes and to my knowledge this is one of the most comprehensive and honest breakdowns that I’ve ever seen on the web.  I’m sure that many instructors follow similar guidelines but for whatever reason most blue belt requirements on the web don’t go into this level of detail.

White Belt 1st Stripe Requirements
White Belt 2nd Stripe Requirements
White Belt 3rd Stripe Requirements
White Belt 4th Stripe Requirements

For those of you that made it to the bottom of the post…I have the stripe requirements for blue belt as well and will be working on those as time permits.  Also, stay tuned for an interactive map focused on the DRL guard.

9 Comments on “De La Riva Blue Belt Requirements

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  2. Love this one bro! I’m a blue belt in the Marcello C Monteiro assosiation, so this is a great refresher and reference for me! I’ll spread it to my team. Great job! Still waiting on a How to Mindmap blog though. Teach me to fish! 😉

  3. It would be cool to see these as interactive mind maps also, since there are some techniques in there that I’m not familiar with and some that are a little vaguely named.

    • I talked to Noah about that a bit. The issues that I came across was the difficulty in finding the techniques and the shear volume of them.

      That being said I made an interactive map specifically on the De La Riva Guard that should be up very soon. It’s a dual post with DSTRYRSG, so keep a look out either here or there.

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