90 Days Later: Ezekiel Jiu Jitsu Kimono Review

It’s that time again. 90 days ago I purchased the Jiu Jitsu model kimono from Carter over at Ezekiel Kimonos. In that time I’ve worn the kimono about 30 times (about 60 hours in the gi). After each use I wash the gi in cold water and hang dry both the gi and pants.  Drying time in my basement has been ~8 hours and the fit and comfort continue to improve with time.

This kimono has held up very well. There is one loose thread on the embroidery on the kimona and another on the pants, and one loose end on the stitching of the knees. Everything else, patches and seams, is exactly the same as it was when I bought the gi.
IMG_1556  IMG_1557

IMG_1555  IMG_1554

  Kimono Out of Package 15 min in dryer After 90 days
A Cuff Width 7.75″ 7.25″ 7.25”
B Sleeve Length 26.75″ 25.5″ 24.25”
C Chest Width 23.5″ 21.5″ 21.0”
D Skirth Width 25.25″ 22.75″ 22.5”
  Pants Out of Package 1st Hang Dry After 90 days
A Waist 24.5″ 24.25″ 24.0”
B Length 43.5″ 42.0″ 40.75”
C Cuff Width 10.75″ 10.5″ 9.25”
D Inseam 33″ 32.5″ 30.25”

Final Impression:
Carter and the folks over at Ezekiel have put together a very solid entry into the gi market. The pants are a little on the heavy side for me but they’ve since added ripstop options.  I was able to roll in them on a day that wasn’t quite as hot as usual and the pants were less clingy.  All things considered this is a really nice gi, especially if you like the kanji and styling of the gi.
This model gi is currently selling for $129.95.  After giving this gi a 90 day trial run I feel that this is fair price for a durable, high-quality gi with high-end features.  The fact that it still looks brand new is a huge bonus as well. The gi is perfectly suitable for competitions and a good option for those looking for a slimmer cut gi.

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