Mindmap: Emily Kwok’s How to Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents DVD 2

These maps have taken an inordinate amount of time to get out to you and for that I apologize. I was initially given the DVDs to help a fellow blogger, Georgette Ogden, with some reviews that she’s been working.  As often happens, life reared its ugly head and things got very busy, very quickly.  This set of maps/flowcharts breaks down the 2+ hours of material on the second DVD.  The entire set can be found here.

You may be wondering why I skipped thru DVD 1?  Well check out Aesopian’s review and you’ll see that the focus is on drills and grip fighting.  Two very important things that don’t really lend themselves to mapping out.  My next map will be of the 3rdDVD, that will probably be done in a week or so.

For some more on Mrs. Kwok I’d encourage you to check out her website and her school’s website.  Briefly, she is Canada’s first female BJJ black belt, a world champion (Mundials 2007), and has competed successfully at the highest levels (2nd place at American Nationals, and 3rd place at the Pan Ams).  Emily and Stephan Kesting created this video series specifically with the smaller, lighter competitor in mind.  The section on sweeps includes techniques from: half-guard, butterfly, open guard, X-guard and single-leg X-guard.  The passes and escapes give you options while count in most of the more common guard types.

I highly suggest that you check out Aesopian’s review of the second DVD and Liam Wandi’s review of this set.  They both go into a lot of detail on what you’ll find and a what to expect from this set.

Aesopian perfectly summed up my thoughts on the set below:
“It’s a very good resource for beginners, especially white and blue belts, and I’d recommend it to them with no reservations. Experienced guys may want to take a look over the chapters first to see if enough of it catches their interest. There is no faulting the quality of the instruction, so it simply comes down to how much you need what Emily and Stephan offer.”   Aesopian

2 Comments on “Mindmap: Emily Kwok’s How to Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents DVD 2

  1. Many thanks for the link up Matt. With all respect for Aesopian, I think everyone would benefit from this set as it has loads to offer (I found the physio exercises really unique for example).

    Awesome map dude.

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