Mindmap: Emily Kwok’s How to Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents DVD 3

Emily uses this DVD to break down her top 5 submissions, sweeps and escapes/transitions.  All of the techniques are broken down into a lot of detail and she does a great job of educating on the setups and situations where these techniques would be best used.

If you haven’t already checked out the review of DVD 2 you can find that one here. As before I strongly suggest that you check out Liam Wandi’s review of the full set and Aesopian’s review specifically of DVD 3.

For some more on Mrs. Kwok I’d encourage you to check out her website and her school’s website.  Briefly, she is Canada’s first female BJJ black belt, a world champion (Mundials 2007), and has competed successfully at the highest levels (2nd place at American Nationals, and 3rd place at the Pan Ams).  Emily and Stephan Kesting created this video series specifically with the smaller, lighter competitor in mind.

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