Mapping the Grappler’s Manifesto

I’ve just finished mapping out The Grappler’s Manifesto.  I divided it into 4 parts because I felt that breaking this down into sections would make it a little more user friendly.  There are plenty of great reviews (check out the comments at Amazon and Budovideos) including this one.

As you may notice it’s a little less detailed that the maps that I make when breaking down videos.  The reason for this is that I’ve included the page number for the technique and the author has given you the details much better than I can.  I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Grapplers Manifesto part 1- Guard
Grapplers Manifesto Part 2 – Butterfly and Half-Guard
Grapplers Manifesto Part 3 – turtle, sprawl and crossbody
Grapplers Manifesto Part 4 – Mount & Back

3 Comments on “Mapping the Grappler’s Manifesto

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  3. Nice. Stumbled across this looking for the contents of one of the related DVD’s. Check out my site if you’d like. It’s far from complete though it will allow you to create diagrams similar to your mind maps. In addition it allows you to store notes and video links.

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