Happy New Years!!!

(In Which We Are Introduced to Caio Terra Online)

One of the changes that I’m making this year is to write a lot more on this blog and as a guest contributor on other blogs and in Jiu Jitsu Mag.  For the last 2 years I’ve had an amazing experience with Kris Shaw and BJJ Legends and I can’t thank her (and their fans) enough for the opportunity to write/blog at BJJ Legends.  Doors have opened that never would have otherwise and I’m going to explore them as much as possible.  So that said, let’s get to the 1st post of the New Year:

It probably won’t surprise anyone reading this that I have or have had subscriptions to several on-line instruction sites.  I’ve used MGinAction, Mendes Bros Online, BJJ Library, Grappler’s Guide and most recently Caio Terra online.  All of them have their upsides and are a great tool if you’re looking for good on-line instruction from a trusted source.

However, Caio Terra has really set himself apart from the rest by having structured lesson plans that are regularly posted in addition to new techniques.  One of the biggest challenges for newer BJJ students is information overload and the lesson plans do a great job of focusing your attention on specific part of your game and of course Caio’s instruction is excellent.  At the end of each month there will also be an interactive (for subscribers) mindmap to use as a reminder of what was shown the previous month.

For the month of December Caio’s Lesson plans focused mostly on the half guard with a single lesson plan showing some nogi options when you opponent is standing.  Check out the map below and you may have missed.

Caio Terra Online: December 2012 Lesson Plan

Caio Terra Online:
December 2012
Lesson Plan

2 Comments on “Happy New Years!!!

  1. What are your opinions/reviews on the online resources you tried?

    I’ve done draculino’s site about 2 years ago and am currently using MGinaction. I’ve always wondered what the others are about.

    • MGinAction is huge which is good and bad. It can be hard to find specific things but if there’s any part of Marcelo’s game you want to learn it’s there
      Mendes Bros is still growing and when I had it I was able to see almost everything that had. The drills are fantastic and the instruction is incredible but you may run out of things to watch. Great source for open guard players.
      BJJ Library pretty well organized and I love the fact that they’re adding seminars by guest instructors regularly so that you get multiple perspectives
      Grappler’s Guide is an oldie but goodie. Jason has a lot of videos there that are pretty well organizes, included his DVD set in full.

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