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How To Fall On Your Butt In New and Interesting Ways (Exploring the De La Riva Guard)

Here’s what I know about De La Riva guard.  It’s named after this guy, involves the dude on the bottom wrapping his leg around my front leg like vine of ivy and me ending up on my butt about 2 seconds later.  Luckily, you don’t have to rely on my incredibly detailed account of the effectiveness […]

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Interactive Map – Closed Guard Concepts

I had a few epiphanies a few weeks ago in class and they all came while working with two guys that had never done jiu jitsu before. After working with guy #1 (while his girlfriend/wife watched) I realized a few things: Make sure your partner knows what a tap means (that wasn’t very fun) Make sure your […]

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You Done F’d Up A Long Time Ago

I’ve been staring at my computer screen for the last 30 minutes and can’t think of an adequate way to introduce this map and the man behind the techniques in it.  So, in the time honored tradition of writers everywhere I’m going to steal something from someone else.  Thanks to my buds over at DSTRYR […]

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Interactive BJJ White Belt Curriculum

The great thing about the maps that I’ve been creating is that they provide an easy-to-follow visual of the techniques and positions covered.  For most this is quicker to review and easier to assimilate than text notes.  You’re also able to get a birds-eye view of how everything is connected and (hopefully) improve your understanding […]

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