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Happy New Years!!!

(In Which We Are Introduced to Caio Terra Online) One of the changes that I’m making this year is to write a lot more on this blog and as a guest contributor on other blogs and in Jiu Jitsu Mag.  For the last 2 years I’ve had an amazing experience with Kris Shaw and BJJ […]

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Mapping the Grappler’s Manifesto

I’ve just finished mapping out The Grappler’s Manifesto.  I divided it into 4 parts because I felt that breaking this down into sections would make it a little more user friendly.  There are plenty of great reviews (check out the comments at Amazon and Budovideos) including this one. As you may notice it’s a little less detailed that the maps that I […]

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Mindmap: Emily Kwok’s How to Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents DVD 3

Emily uses this DVD to break down her top 5 submissions, sweeps and escapes/transitions.  All of the techniques are broken down into a lot of detail and she does a great job of educating on the setups and situations where these techniques would be best used. If you haven’t already checked out the review of […]

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Mindmap: Emily Kwok’s How to Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents DVD 2

These maps have taken an inordinate amount of time to get out to you and for that I apologize. I was initially given the DVDs to help a fellow blogger, Georgette Ogden, with some reviews that she’s been working.  As often happens, life reared its ugly head and things got very busy, very quickly.  This […]

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De La Riva Blue Belt Requirements

A few months ago I was contacted by gym owner, Noah at Summit City Submissions, to help him organize the curriculum that he teaches his students.  Noah is a purple belt under Marcello Monteiro (DLR black belt).  Below is the end result of that project.  The techniques listed are the basic requirements for a student […]

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Flowchart for Jiu Jitsu Mag #8 June/July 2012

Another solid issue from Jiu Jitsu Magazine.  This one contains techniques from Kenny Johnson, Roger Gracie, Gustavo Dantas, Kayron Gracie and Penny Thomas.  Super swamped catching up after my vacation but I wanted to get this one out. PDF: JJ Mag #8

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Gracie Barra Fundamentals DVD Set

I’ll start this blog entry by saying that I’ve wanted to watch this series ever since I discovered it existed a few months ago.  The series breaks down the curriculum and requirements for the Gracie Barra Fundamentals class.  There are 4 DVDs in the series.  Each disc covers 4 weeks of material and according to […]

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Interactive BJJ White Belt Curriculum

The great thing about the maps that I’ve been creating is that they provide an easy-to-follow visual of the techniques and positions covered.  For most this is quicker to review and easier to assimilate than text notes.  You’re also able to get a birds-eye view of how everything is connected and (hopefully) improve your understanding […]

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Map/Flowchart for Stephan Kesting’s Dynamic Guard Sweeps Vol 1: The Butterfly and X Guard

Stephan delivers again with an excellent instructional DVD.  The focus of this DVD is the Butterfly and X-Guard.  At a little over 2 hours this DVD contains instruction on:  sweeps, counters, combinations, basic strategies, setups, drills, submissions, positioning and some live footage showing the techniques that have been taught.  A review from Lockflow can be […]

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Mindmap/Flowchart for BJJ Legends Q1 2012 Issue

I was recently sent a few issues of BJJ Legends by their editor so that I could breakdown/map the techniques presented in the publication.  For those not familiar with it BJJ Legends is a quarterly magazine (available online and at Barnes & Noble) that is unique because each issue comes bundled with an instructional DVD.  These DVDs […]

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