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Happy New Years!!!

(In Which We Are Introduced to Caio Terra Online)

One of the changes that I’m making this year is to write a lot more on this blog and as a guest contributor on other blogs and in Jiu Jitsu Mag.  For the last 2 years I’ve had an amazing experience with Kris Shaw and BJJ Legends and I can’t thank her (and their fans) enough for the opportunity to write/blog at BJJ Legends.  Doors have opened that never would have otherwise and I’m going to explore them as much as possible.  So that said, let’s get to the 1st post of the New Year:

It probably won’t surprise anyone reading this that I have or have had subscriptions to several on-line instruction sites.  I’ve used MGinAction, Mendes Bros Online, BJJ Library, Grappler’s Guide and most recently Caio Terra online.  All of them have their upsides and are a great tool if you’re looking for good on-line instruction from a trusted source.

However, Caio Terra has really set himself apart from the rest by having structured lesson plans that are regularly posted in addition to new techniques.  One of the biggest challenges for newer BJJ students is information overload and the lesson plans do a great job of focusing your attention on specific part of your game and of course Caio’s instruction is excellent.  At the end of each month there will also be an interactive (for subscribers) mindmap to use as a reminder of what was shown the previous month.

For the month of December Caio’s Lesson plans focused mostly on the half guard with a single lesson plan showing some nogi options when you opponent is standing.  Check out the map below and you may have missed.

Caio Terra Online: December 2012 Lesson Plan

Caio Terra Online:
December 2012
Lesson Plan

Mapping the Grappler’s Manifesto

I’ve just finished mapping out The Grappler’s Manifesto.  I divided it into 4 parts because I felt that breaking this down into sections would make it a little more user friendly.  There are plenty of great reviews (check out the comments at Amazon and Budovideos) including this one.

As you may notice it’s a little less detailed that the maps that I make when breaking down videos.  The reason for this is that I’ve included the page number for the technique and the author has given you the details much better than I can.  I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Grapplers Manifesto part 1- Guard
Grapplers Manifesto Part 2 – Butterfly and Half-Guard
Grapplers Manifesto Part 3 – turtle, sprawl and crossbody
Grapplers Manifesto Part 4 – Mount & Back

Mindmap: Emily Kwok’s How to Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents DVD 3

Emily uses this DVD to break down her top 5 submissions, sweeps and escapes/transitions.  All of the techniques are broken down into a lot of detail and she does a great job of educating on the setups and situations where these techniques would be best used.

If you haven’t already checked out the review of DVD 2 you can find that one here. As before I strongly suggest that you check out Liam Wandi’s review of the full set and Aesopian’s review specifically of DVD 3.

For some more on Mrs. Kwok I’d encourage you to check out her website and her school’s website.  Briefly, she is Canada’s first female BJJ black belt, a world champion (Mundials 2007), and has competed successfully at the highest levels (2nd place at American Nationals, and 3rd place at the Pan Ams).  Emily and Stephan Kesting created this video series specifically with the smaller, lighter competitor in mind.

Mindmap: Emily Kwok’s How to Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents DVD 2

These maps have taken an inordinate amount of time to get out to you and for that I apologize. I was initially given the DVDs to help a fellow blogger, Georgette Ogden, with some reviews that she’s been working.  As often happens, life reared its ugly head and things got very busy, very quickly.  This set of maps/flowcharts breaks down the 2+ hours of material on the second DVD.  The entire set can be found here.

You may be wondering why I skipped thru DVD 1?  Well check out Aesopian’s review and you’ll see that the focus is on drills and grip fighting.  Two very important things that don’t really lend themselves to mapping out.  My next map will be of the 3rdDVD, that will probably be done in a week or so.

For some more on Mrs. Kwok I’d encourage you to check out her website and her school’s website.  Briefly, she is Canada’s first female BJJ black belt, a world champion (Mundials 2007), and has competed successfully at the highest levels (2nd place at American Nationals, and 3rd place at the Pan Ams).  Emily and Stephan Kesting created this video series specifically with the smaller, lighter competitor in mind.  The section on sweeps includes techniques from: half-guard, butterfly, open guard, X-guard and single-leg X-guard.  The passes and escapes give you options while count in most of the more common guard types.

I highly suggest that you check out Aesopian’s review of the second DVD and Liam Wandi’s review of this set.  They both go into a lot of detail on what you’ll find and a what to expect from this set.

Aesopian perfectly summed up my thoughts on the set below:
“It’s a very good resource for beginners, especially white and blue belts, and I’d recommend it to them with no reservations. Experienced guys may want to take a look over the chapters first to see if enough of it catches their interest. There is no faulting the quality of the instruction, so it simply comes down to how much you need what Emily and Stephan offer.”   Aesopian

De La Riva Blue Belt Requirements

A few months ago I was contacted by gym owner, Noah at Summit City Submissions, to help him organize the curriculum that he teaches his students.  Noah is a purple belt under Marcello Monteiro (DLR black belt).  Below is the end result of that project.  The techniques listed are the basic requirements for a student of the De La Riva lineage to get their blue belt.  It is broken down by stripes and to my knowledge this is one of the most comprehensive and honest breakdowns that I’ve ever seen on the web.  I’m sure that many instructors follow similar guidelines but for whatever reason most blue belt requirements on the web don’t go into this level of detail.

White Belt 1st Stripe Requirements
White Belt 2nd Stripe Requirements
White Belt 3rd Stripe Requirements
White Belt 4th Stripe Requirements

For those of you that made it to the bottom of the post…I have the stripe requirements for blue belt as well and will be working on those as time permits.  Also, stay tuned for an interactive map focused on the DRL guard.

Flowchart for Jiu Jitsu Mag #8 June/July 2012

Another solid issue from Jiu Jitsu Magazine.  This one contains techniques from Kenny Johnson, Roger Gracie, Gustavo Dantas, Kayron Gracie and Penny Thomas.  Super swamped catching up after my vacation but I wanted to get this one out.

JJ Mag #8

Gracie Barra Fundamentals DVD Set

I’ll start this blog entry by saying that I’ve wanted to watch this series ever since I discovered it existed a few months ago.  The series breaks down the curriculum and requirements for the Gracie Barra Fundamentals class.  There are 4 DVDs in the series.  Each disc covers 4 weeks of material and according to progressions posted on most GB school websites ( http://focabjj.com/beltsyst.htm) represents the knowledge needed to earn 1 stripe on your white belt.

The techniques in each DVD are taught by Marcio Feitosa (http://www.bjjheroes.com/bjj-fighters/marcio-feitosa) and are presented clearly and from multiple angles.  The audio is very good and Marcio is easy to follow.  The techniques are taught in a specific order and do build on previous lessons.  It is clear after just a few minutes watching the video that a lot of thought and effort was put into the videos, techniques and development of the curriculum.

The video can be found at Budovideos: (http://www.budovideos.com/shop/customer/product.php?productid=29757&cat=&page=1 and at ~$50 for 8 hours of instruction is a solid deal.

Moving forward I’ll just be updating this post and will be doing them in portions until I finish the series.

Weeks 1 thru 4

Weeks 5 & 6

Weeks 7 & 8
GB – Weeks 1 thru 4 Cirriculum
GB – Weeks 5 and 6 Cirriculum
Gracie Barra Curriculum Week 7 & 8
All add PDFs for weeks 1-4 and 5 & 6 tomorrow when I’m at my other computer.

Interactive BJJ White Belt Curriculum

The great thing about the maps that I’ve been creating is that they provide an easy-to-follow visual of the techniques and positions covered.  For most this is quicker to review and easier to assimilate than text notes.  You’re also able to get a birds-eye view of how everything is connected and (hopefully) improve your understanding those intricacies.
The downside is that without the source material (DVD, book, magazine, etc) they’re usefulness is greatly limited.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re cool to look at but how much are you really getting out of it.  So what can be done about that?
You could buy every instructional video, magazine and book that I map out.  You could even rent them from MMA Vault, but the costs still add up.  Luckily we have access to the interwebz and specifically to YouTube.
Below is an interactive map that I’ve created by using the suggested white belt to blue belt curriculum from Alliance BJJ (there are a lot of them out there, this is the one I was looking at most recently) and filled it in with techniques that I was familiar with and felt confident that I could find on demonstrated YouTube by a quality instructor.
Huge thanks to BJJ Legends for hosting the interactive map!

I’ve used the following instructors for technique:
Jeremy ArelBio, School and YouTube.  All the BJJ techniques are taken from Jeremy’s excellent YouTube page.  Please be sure to check Jeremy’s pages out and support him.  He’s provided a huge amount of great content over the last few years for free.
Ken PrimolaWebsite and YouTube.  The wrestling techniques were taken from Ken’s YouTube page.
Stephan KestingWebsite and YouTube.  I use Stephan’s stuff whenever possible, in this case an example of a standing headlock escape.  He’s also been a huge supporter of BJJ with his free content and webpages.
Roy DeanWebsite and YouTube.  The escape from a headlock on the ground is demonstrated by Roy.
Pedro SauerWebsite and YouTube.  The standing guillotine escape is demonstrated by Prof Sauer on Jeff Curran.
1.  I did not demonstrate any of these techniques.  All the YouTubes are from respected BJJ Blackbelts that I have no relationship with other than a few emails to Stephan and Jeremy.
2.  I did not write the curriculum and I am in no way, shape, or form associated with Alliance BJJ.
My Final Request:
Please check out my Facebook page and “Like” it.  I will be using Facebook for a few contests in the near future.
Interactive Map:
White Belt Curriculum BJJ

Map/Flowchart for Stephan Kesting’s Dynamic Guard Sweeps Vol 1: The Butterfly and X Guard

Stephan delivers again with an excellent instructional DVD.  The focus of this DVD is the Butterfly and X-Guard.  At a little over 2 hours this DVD contains instruction on:  sweeps, counters, combinations, basic strategies, setups, drills, submissions, positioning and some live footage showing the techniques that have been taught. 

A review from Lockflow can be found here and another review here.  I’ll add that the techniques are presented very clearly and in a logical manner, which is typical of Stephan’s DVDs.  The only downside is that the video quality could be better.  This doesn’t affect Stephan’s ability to demonstrate the technique but is something that I noticed.
A little more about Stephan can be found at his websites: Grapple Arts and Beginning BJJ .  His Roadmap to BJJ was one of the very first DVDs that I ever mapped out.

This DVD can be purchased from Stephan directly here or at Budovideos here.

Dynamic Guard Sweeps Vol 1

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Mindmap/Flowchart for BJJ Legends Q1 2012 Issue

I was recently sent a few issues of BJJ Legends by their editor so that I could breakdown/map the techniques presented in the publication.  For those not familiar with it BJJ Legends is a quarterly magazine (available online and at Barnes & Noble) that is unique because each issue comes bundled with an instructional DVD.  These DVDs offer additional instruction on the techniques covered within the pages of the magazine as well as additional content such as interviews and workouts.  The issues are also available for download to smartphone and IPad (included if you purchase a hardcopy of the magazine).

The issue that I’ve mapped out can be found here.  The instructional DVD contained techniques from:  Xande & Saulo Ribiero, Braulio Estima, the Mendes brothers, Hillary Williams and Danny Ives.  The segments by the Xande, Saulo and Braulio were especially good.

The PDF:
BJJ Legends Q1 2012

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