This blog has been going for a few years and took a bit of a hiatus for most of 2012 and 2013 when I was writing extensively for BJJ Legends.  For 2014 I’m coming back to blogging on my own site.  I’ve been training BJJ since 2011 under Ezra Lenon in St Louis, MO.  I’m a full-time dad, husband and clinical pharmacist.  During my down-time I write for this blog, BJJ Legends, Jiu Jitsu Magazine and other discriminating BJJ blogs 🙂

I tend to write about anything that catches my eye and have become somewhat known for gi reviews, mindmaps and study guides to DVDs.

For questions, comments and/or requests for maps/reviews feel free to email at:

matthewdcorley (at)

thanks for following along!

3 Comments on “Me”

  1. Thanks for the offer man! Your technique looks very specific, what’s your system? Do you have a blog about how you go about creating one of those mind maps?

  2. Great blog. I’ve just started bjj after spending a while researching the right martial art for me and the kids. Your site has been a great help. Keep it up.

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